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Marc Jacob Fall 2013

Honestly speaking Marc Jacob is the key to New York Fashion Week and more utterly speaking Marc Jacob is the fashionable heart of New York. The show shifted from Monday to Thursday 14th, is the perfect Valentine gift for New Yorkers. It looked like People were celebrating Valentine Pajama Party at Marc Jacob Fall 2013 show. The vast circular stage, lit by a giant bitter yellow sun looks ultra Urban.


Ralph Lauren Fall 2013

This Fall 2013 Ralph Lauren show was all based on "From Russia with Love". It was about time when streets were all covered up with snow in Russia. The models were looking romantic with caps, cinched wait dresses, ball gowns and arm gloves. Ralph Lauren in one of the designer who showcased something utterly exotic and wonderful.


Calvin Klein Fall 2013

Francisco Costa uses plaid concept, as many other designers do for fall 2013 CK collection. But he make this collection different from others by making the plaid intersecting lines more prominent in different ways. The monochromatic pieces were fantastic head to toe with cinched waists and fabulous outwear. Tailoring was quite structural and slick.

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