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3 ultimate ways to wear pastels this spring : 2013

Ok, you have such a sweet option of candy colors to wear this spring, the PASTELS. When bold bright colored flowers and wardrobe items are all around you and you want a transition from those bolder hues to something softer, then pastels will be the good choice.

Those pastel hues were the key colors on the runway shows for spring 2013 like mulberry and ultimately do rule this spring. I am a kind of person who don't like pastels that much as much i love to wear bold bright colors but being trendy i am also heading to buy some pastels for my wardrobe to look sweet like candy this spring. I have three ideas for wearing pastels that i love to share with you, hopefully you love to wear pastels that way.

IDEA 1: Pastel over pastel

How to wear Pastels

IDEA 2: Pastel and Neon

How to wear Pastels

IDEA 3: Pastel with Denim

How to wear Pastels

Jolie Angie

Jolie is a blogger. She love to blog about Fashion and Food. In her view "Fashion is not meant to be followed instead it has to be made by each person who is fashionable". She love cooking food more than eating food. Spare time and visit her food blog Mom To Chef.

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