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Get up and go see the world before you

If you remember your own childhood, what exactly come to your mind? Might be you remember the time when you play basketball or playing with friends outside while your mom is calling you back at home, or might be the time when your mom called you for dinner. It would be the time when you play with your pet a dog or a cat.

Many parents also remember the same time of their children childhood when they played outside the home and start interacting with other community members around them. This is the best and the most critical time in once parental life. This is due to the reason that your child is going to face many damages to their personality, health and knowledge.

Off course outdoor activities are as important in a child’s routine as many others. It’s a new world where your child can move and jump freely, keep himself / herself clean or become untidy, hooks up with natural world, test their physical capabilities  and get in contact with new relations.  So these all are the positive factors of outdoor activities.

Indoor activities like magazine reading, playing indoor games, watching TV and playing video games are all the smart obstacles that keep the children for longer times indoor. But if being a parent you think that these indoor activities save your child from outdoor threats then it’s not a good idea. The thing is these indoor activities make your child dull, obese and your child lack interaction with outside world.

But in fact according to my ideology you must leave your child to the outside world for times so that he or she must learn to protect themselves from dangers, threats and other messy experiences of life. If they’ve never been given the responsibility to go to the market to buy groceries for you, how will they develop the confidence to talk to adults and understand the value of money? Similarly leave your child to cross the road lonely and to go in the streets so that they know how to overcome the danger and learn how to be safe?

When you know the full threats of outdoor activities, tell them to our children and instruct your child and leave him or her to experience on their own, Instead of keeping your child indoor all the time. Outdoor activities are best for physical and mental health, so promote it in your children and even spend some time outside with them too.

Jolie Angie

Jolie is a blogger. She love to blog about Fashion and Food. In her view "Fashion is not meant to be followed instead it has to be made by each person who is fashionable". She love cooking food more than eating food. Spare time and visit her food blog Mom To Chef.

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