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2013 Celeb hairstyles you should definitely steal

Celebrity change their hair styles more frequently than ordinary people, due to ever changing demand of red carpet events and roles they are performing. You can even steal hairstyles from fashion shows that become trend later on. But still the best is the celeb hairstyling technique to steal.

You can follow those hairstyles on proms, night club parties, wedding events, family get together and even to semi-formal functions. You just need a little bit of information and technique to do the style, there's no need to go to a salon. Let me tell you some basic tips;

  1. Beach style sexy curls: Wash hairs, shampoo thoroughly and blow dry. Now with the help of swirling iron, leaving the head crown, hold the bottom of the hairs in iron, Roll upwards. Finish with hair ends straight. Separate curls with fingers and set them with some styling wax or hair spray.
  2. Straight long hairs: Divide your hairs in two section either from center, or side. Straight them with the help of straightener. This is how you steal Courtney Kardashian and Sandra Bullock hair style. You can also side part your hairs and pin them.
  3. Messy unfinished Loose updo's: Saleena Gomez done a messy hair do leaving hair strands unfinished. Leaving her hair bangs free on both sides of her forehead. You can follow such hair styles on parties and for proms.
  4. Braids: French braids or even simple ones are just perfect for parties. Leaving your front hair bangs, braid your hairs. Do a center high up braid just like Saleena do at MTV awards. With short hairs you can braids some front flicks, leaving remaining hairs as it is.

Look at other celeb styles and try to practice them. With a little effort and practice you can easily steal hairstyles for events.

Jolie Angie

Jolie is a blogger. She love to blog about Fashion and Food. In her view "Fashion is not meant to be followed instead it has to be made by each person who is fashionable". She love cooking food more than eating food. Spare time and visit her food blog Mom To Chef.

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