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Why pay more attention to the side effects of hair coloring?

Red, Yellow or Green? No, we are not mentioning traffic lights here, we are talking about hair colours.  A decade back, hair colour or colloquially known as hair dye was something your mom used to cover her greys, but come the age of metal genre and teen pop-stars black hair became boring. Getting that shocking blue or pink streaks and mixing it with that yellow boots and red nail paint- and  Voila! You are a Diva. And then again why would you bother about your hair, because obviously that celebrity fooled you into believing that hair colour was an amazing skin care product with absolutely no side-effects. Duh!

This is why we think, you should pay more attention to the side effects of hair colouring.

Cancer, and no not the zodiac

Did you know that using a wrong hair color could cost you your life? Well it can. Most of the hair colors nowadays contains high levels of carcinogenic substances in the form of azo-dyes or aminoanisole material, prolonged usage of which increases your chances of contracting cancer by 88%. So, first check that content of your hair color and not just the brand.

Other Organs are not too safe either

So, just when you thought that cancer was the worst that could happen from a hair color, think again. Research show an awful content of the hair color also includes chemical complexes such as silver nitrate or lead acetate causing renal complications and kidney failures. So now you know drinking was not the only reason.

Salon Hair and Shocking Skin

Obviously with those blue streaks, you are the cool new girl in the work place, but turn a year and you wont be that cool again. Why, do you ask me? Because skin rashes, zits, acne's are not so cool. Several hair color users have complained of using skin care products which have first caused minute itching and redness of the skin, however over a period of time has resulted in severe skin anaphylaxis. Thus, it was not always your diet.

Hair Trouble

This particularly points out the exclusive redundancy of using a hair color. The basic purpose why you opted for it, was to get that chic look, but not at the cost of your hair quality of course. And no matter what they say to you, all hair colors irrespective of their brand causes hair damages to some extent ranging from brittleness to thinning to acute hair-fall. Thus, this mean you shouldn't go for one? No, it just means that you should be extremely careful as to what you are exposing your hair to and most important till what period of time.


Thus, all in all when we point out to you the side-effects of hair coloring, we don’t want you to run away the next time your stylist suggests you to get that burgundy look. But there are certain hand tips we suggest to get the best of that coloring. First, pick out a brand that contains the least of chemicals and stick to it, using multiple brands on your hair for coloring is a strict no. Second, always wash your hair immediately following a coloring session to wash off the excess of the material from your scalp to avoid induction of toxicity. Third, use the best of conditioner and oil your hair every week, which would curb the hair damage. And last, try not to be a peacock, meaning color your hairs at regular intervals and not just every day. Stay alert. Stay Cool. 

Celina Jones

CJ is a professional stylist and manager of a hair salon. She uses top quality hair extensions, accessories and products from Clip Hair. She can be found online sharing advice on how to avoid ever having a bad hair day again. 

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