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Why pay more attention to the side effects of hair coloring?

Red, Yellow or Green? No, we are not mentioning traffic lights here, we are talking about hair colours.  A decade back, hair colour or colloquially known as hair dye was something your mom used to cover her greys, but come the age of metal genre and teen pop-stars black hair became boring. Getting that shocking blue or pink streaks and mixing it with that yellow boots and red nail paint- and  Voila! You are a Diva. And then again why would you bother about your hair, because obviously that celebrity fooled you into believing that hair colour was an amazing skin care product with absolutely no side-effects. Duh!


Do worry for your skin in humid climate

Those days blistering, dull, and muggy climate—make you feel sticky and blah in light of the fact that your sweat only sticks around on your skin, where it blends with your skin oils and microscopic organisms, structuring a layer of bacteria on the skin. Furthermore all that additional dampness on the skin can act like an amplifying glass, drawing in the sun rays and opening up the pores on your skin.


The Elements Essential for beautiful and healthy skin

Beautiful and glowing wrinkle and acne free skin is the dream of every single women on earth. That's a dam truth. For achieving healthy and glowing skin you should properly take care of your skin routines and your diet intake. I investigate into food nutrition, food elements and their health benefits and found some good facts about essential elements that are good for your skin health and for possessing a beautiful glowing skin.

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