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Celebrities who well replicate Marilyn Monroe Style

The Style of iconic celebrities was being replicated and will always be in future. Those characters leave strict trails of their style to follow. People might be getting mesmerized with their personality or might those looks get famed by chance. Whatever the motive may be, Marilyn Monroe is the celebrity whose style has been followed by many other celebrities.

Sometimes celebrities do follow her style even on red carpet shows and parties. I have figured out 10 celebrities who do look of Marilyn Monroe, either for their ads, for a movie or for a magazine cover. Among those 10 celebrities Scarlet Johnson proves a strong resemblance with Marilyn in her ad Campaign for Dolce Gabanna. Madonna did that look too many times and every time she succeeded.

I am in constant search for more stars who replicated Marilyn style, so stay tune i will bring more here....

Nadia Najam

She is from Pakistan. She love to write and travel. In fact she is a fashionable personality that's why might be at Belle Monde.

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