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Runway Beauty Couture Spring 2013

Couture Spring 2013 event is been watched by many fashionistas and fashion fanatics. Hot looks, innocent natural beauty looks, crystalline lips, best hairdo's and many other similar things attract us. Which beauty looks impresses us see here...

I love the way Jean Paul Gautlier do the model makeover with a touch of Indian face embellishment and the same crystalline lips at Christian Dior show. Those red pouts and crystals look so stunning and alluring that raised the WOW factor. While hairs at Armani Prive` and geometric eyeliner looked fabulous. The artistic eye work done at Chanel and the feather art was a kind of masterwork.

Jolie Angie

Jolie is a blogger. She love to blog about Fashion and Food. In her view "Fashion is not meant to be followed instead it has to be made by each person who is fashionable". She love cooking food more than eating food. Spare time and visit her food blog Mom To Chef.

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